Speakers for the 2018 NMD Workshop

Speaker Name


Dr. Alan Windle University of Cambridge
Dr. Alex K. Zettl University of California, Berkeley
Dr. John Bulmer University of Cambridge
Dr. David Lashmore University of New Hampshire
Dr. Michael Jakubinek National Research Council Canada
Dr. Stephen C. Hawkins Queen’s University Belfast
Dr. Adam Boies University of Cambridge
Dr. Hisashi Sugime Waseda University
Dr. Juan Vilatela IMDEA Materials Institute
Dr. Timothy Haugan Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Jian Nong Wang East China University of Science and Technology
Dr. Ray Baughman University of Texas-Dallas
Dr. Philip Bradford North Carolina State University
Dr. Vesselin Shanov University of Cincinnati
Dr. Michael Sumption The Ohio State University
Dr. Zhong Lin Wang Georgia Tech
Dr. Fei Wei Tsinghua University, Beijing
Dr. Joseph Fellner Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Andrew Barnard Michigan Technological University
Dr. Henry de Groh III NASA Glenn Research Center